Monday, February 15, 2016

Prolonged and Complicated Grief

I am currently investigating the role of neuro-psychological interventions for loss and bereavement clients who are seeking relief from the clawing devastation of never-ending misery.

I believe that any loss experiences, including the multiple losses so prevalent along the journey from diagnosis to death, have the potential to set prolonged and complicated grief  (PACG) into motion with indications of post-trauma stress symptoms. Interventions which directly impact neurons have been shown to eliminate traumatic stress symptoms as well as those of PACG  
(van der Kolk, B., Porges, S., Doty, J.)

When various methods suited for a client do not realize the desired shifts in level of symptom control, physical discomfort, extent of dysfunction in area of life -- exploration of other intervention options are indicated. I have found that meditative and relaxation exercises, structured physical activity, Gestalt/ forgiveness systems, journal writing, medication, and education are useful when adapted to the specific receptivity and needs of clients.

J. Shep Jeffreys, EdD, FT